Monday, August 12, 2013

The Club hotel Staycation

Because we were worried about the haze affecting our photoshoot, plus Alex's very bad 'condition' to the outdoors , we decided to kill two birds with a stone.. We decided to make one of the outdoor locations at the hotel and at the same time have a staycation :)

The chosen hotel was The Club at Ann Siang :)
We managed to take some pretty bridal shots around the hotel and the room we stayed in :)

 I love the drawing on the wall

 Our room has windows ..nothing much to see..

love the black and white bathroom! 

No bathtub but there
 are 4 shower jets on the wall!

See the two pillars on the side?
Hehee. interesting 

Some of the items we used for our shoot
Thanks to my friend Hazel for 
lending us the toys!

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