Monday, July 08, 2013

The Tohs at Art Garden SAM

I have always love the yearly Art Garden presented by Singapore Art Museum.  This year is no difference,  I visited SAM few wks ago for this event :) * actually for kids..but we are young at heart..there is just no stopping us :P *

The Enchanted Garden City 
by Sandra Lee
A twist to fairy tales!
Look! Humpty Dumpty as 
as satay seller! 

 Chinese version of Goldilocks 
and the three bears 

How cute is this! I love those pandas! 
 Handsel and Gretal 
Malay Kampong style!

Peranakan Red Riding hood ! 
looking pretty in her kebaya :)

 My fav.pic of the day :)
Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
By Vicente Delgado

Did Alex break the chair? :P 

Like a house of horrors..
has freaky art & monsters

Les rêves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths
By Stéphane Blanquet

Never too old for the rocking horse :P

Freaky doll

Stellar Cave II
By Julien Salaud 

 If you have not seen the exhibits yet, 
you still have time! 

Art Garden 2013
Ends on 1 September 2013 
 Singapore Art Museum at 8Q

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