Monday, July 01, 2013

Snacks and some gifts

Well, yes, I haven't been travelling much ..
In fact..not been anywhere since ...Bali 

Can't be helped.. all our resources have been 
tied down to our wedding prep and costs. 

But..even without stepping out, we
still get to eat some yummy snacks 
that some friends and relatives got for us 

Cousin got me these from Japan ..n that 
cute box of panda biscuits that tasted not 
as cute as they look.. ( from China :x ) 

 Thanks to June for these delicious nougats
and a shopping bag with a kangaroo..
She was away in Australia  :) 

These were given by a friend who was 
on a work trip to China :) 
Really love the packaging~!
 Oh very sweet kit kats from 
a cousin in law who flys 
to Japan often for work

Really thanks to all these lovely people for these snacks! :)

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