Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dinner at Big Mama

Thanks to Edwin, I got to know of a popular 
Korean diner at Tiong Bahru area. 

Big Mama has been around close to a year.. It is very popular among 
locals and Koreans .Expect ques to form at the door during peak hours.
Do call to make reservations :)

I love banchan! 
What's not to love about them.. they are complimentary 
and some are so yummy!

Awesome..'s still raw..
This is their famous chicken dish....
 It comes to your table raw, and the server will cook it
right in front of you :) 

Almost done
and I was quite hungry !
When can we dig in !!?
There's cabbage, chicken and rice cakes

When we were 70% done with the chicken dish,
we can add rice to it and it becomes 
a delicious fried rice

Yup, they cook it at your table!

this is by far one of the 
yummiest side dish at Big Mama :)
lotus roots with seaseme sauce

The seafood pancake is a must eat!!
Totally yum yum!

Another dish that is so heart warming..
just like mum's cooking.. 
Beef stew with lots of veggy

All the food above was shared by 3 persons.. :) 
 You bet I will be back there soon! 

Big Mama
Add: 2 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169244
Tel: 6270 7704

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