Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodbye singleton: counting down 19 days

Someone should have warned me how tiring it can be even if it's just planning for a simple ROM lunch event!

I can't imagine how it would be for the Chinese customary wedding which will take place sometime in later part of 2013 :P

We are just days away from being officially, legally married. As much as I want to give my 100% in preparing myself for 8 Dec 12, and embracing the new identity and role , I am not able to .. It is peak period at work..So, yeah, my attention is being spread across all these different things right now.

We met our solemniser over the weekend to settle some paper work. Aren't we glad that he appeared friendly and nice, he even gave us some tips on how to slip the rings into our fingers and how to pose for photos on our special day. I sure hope things go well on that day..keeping our fingers cross now~!

In case you are wondering, our solemniser is Mr Chia Ti Yu.

Oh and here's a simple email template for you to cut and copy in case you are stratching your head trying to compose the invitation email to your ideal sloemiser

Dear ( Mr or Mdm) 
Best greeting to you! 
We would like to invite you to be our wedding solemnizer on ( date)  at ( location, provide address if needed) 

 We hope that you are available at ( desired time for ceremony
You can reach us at (contact of groom and (contact of bride) any time during the day.
Looking forward to your favorable reply. 
Thank You
Best Regards
( names of bride and groom)

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