Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eileen's wedding diary ~We are getting married~

Yes, it has been a while since I last updated you with details about my wedding plans :)
Here's what has been settled
  • ROM date filed 
  • Wedding bands purchased 
  • Found a solemniser for the big day 
  •  Booked lunch for family on ROM day 
  • Simple photography needed so my brother will be my photograher! 
And here's what hasn't been done :P

  • Dress and shoes yet to be purchased
  • Other half also yet to get a suit and shirt
  • Need a makeup artist
  • Need a hand bouquet 
Can't wait to get our wedding bands ...they are currently being resized.. After going in and out of so many jewllery stores and trying on so so many different types of rings* not to mention the endless sleepless nights of thinking which ring to purchase * , we finally setlled on a 18 K white gold celestial diamond ( very tiny ) band. Both Alex and my rings are idenitical. There is a blue sapphire embedded on the inside of the ring. Should be able to match my engagment ring nicely :)

There are more nitty gritty things to see to with regards to the ROM. We are comptemplating if we want to write our own wedding vows. There are about 5 wks to our ROM !! Man is time running out or what~ :P

Right... I will try to update again as soon as I this space!

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