Monday, October 01, 2012

Mid Autumn: Mooncakes galore

New post finally! I know I have been quite inconsistant with my entries.. :P 
 It's kinda scary how time flies.. We are already in the last leg of the year!~ 
It was the Mid Autumn Festival yesterday. 
How was your celebration? And how much mooncakes 
did you consume? 
Here' are some of the ones I have eaten. 
( no pics of the traditional ones ) 

Tried quite a few this year! 
This was a gift..dear friend, Lynn's aunt gave a few of us 
really nice of them :) 
From Peony Jade

Love the pink snowskin with
champagne truffle center.. 

These four colorful snowskin ones are
from Goodwood Park Hotel. 
Very refreshing and not too heavy to eat compared 
to the traditional mooncakes

This is the red orange with banana 
never thought I would like it...
it's really nice!

Hk Maxim's snowkin..
This is chocolate flavor with green bean paste.
Not bad..Maxim's a hot HK...

The perennial favourite
Flaky skin with yam and pumpkin paste! 
Can't eat too much.. kinda oily!

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inkandglasses said...

Love the colors of the moon cakes. Blogsurfed my way here. Nice blog. :)