Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eileen eats- Tiong Bahru Bakery

Have you ever experience an embarrassing moment whereby you wish a hole in the ground would just swallow you up?

I just had such a moment last week. It took place in a fairly new bakery / coffee joint right smack at Tiong Bahru old estate. Tiong bahru bakery is not opened by some locals ( the name is as local as it gets) It is a joint venture by Gontran Cherrier( some french chef ; i have no idea who he is ) and Spa esprit group.

I have once again heard so much about the buns and the famous croissant..and decided to sink my teeth into some that day.

It wasn't difficult to locate the bakery.  It is right at Eng Hoon street ( opp.Tiong bahru market) . Use a bit of strength to push thru that heavy wooden swivel door and you will find yourself in a simple decorated cafe. On the right is where the counters and rows of buns and breads are waiting for you. On the left is the rather cramp sitting area. They basically just want to maximize the limited space and tables are very close to one another. DO NOT expect any of the staff to help you find your way to a table. The greeter seem to do nothing but just greet and stand around like a plant!

Anyway, most of the staff are 'friendly'( they smiled most of the I guess they are friendly on the job.. ) Filipinos , save for one or two Singaporeans. I got myself a croissant and a cuppa latte. As I carried both back to my table, watching out for the crampy tables around me, the croissant decided to dive straight onto the mosaic floor. I gasped..and my face must have turned crimson red , anyhow I  gingerly placed my latte on the table and turned back to the counter ( I made no eye contact with anyone..there must have been at least 6 staff present at the moment and all but one approached me after 1 min. ..It took her one whole min to approach me...seriously? Alright, she was nice enough to replace my croissant with a new one.. Still , I wish the ground would just swallow me up there and then..

Enough of that.. word of advice-- Don't be as clumsy as me.. You may not be as lucky as me to get your food replaced..

+ top layer is nice and slightly crispy +
+soft and buttery on the inside+



The crowd has left... 

Retro door to the ladies!

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