Friday, April 20, 2012

Bali Getaway Part 2

After a good night sleep, we woke up rather early to go for a walk at the beach and after that went for our breakfast at the hotel :D

The sand at Kuta beach was rather rough and by the time we walked over, morning has already broken :P yes, sun rise in Indonesia is really early! ( Think 6am ) .. we stayed just 3 mins away from the beach..

After 'playing ' with the waves and getting our feet and slippers wet, we went back for breakfast at the hotel..

Nothing fantastic..but we were hungry!

I need my daily supply of veggies :P 

 Where we sat for breakfast..

After breakfast, we went back to our room to get ready for our one full day of sight seeing!

Our driver arrived at 9.45am ( after a minor mishap) and off we go on our day trip!

First stop was at a temple.. erm..kinda forgot the name of this temple... We have to wear the sarongs provided at the temple as a form of respect.

This temple is on of the oldest around Bali

Balinese are very religious , you can see such offerings 
all around the island..
Do give due respect and not to step on them

Totally love these carvings..

Gamelan is only performed when there are festivals


We stopped by a batik shop on the way to our next destination 

There were weaving and batik making demo at the shop...

  Next stop : Coffee break~  
Our guide brought us to one of the many plantations before visiting Kintamai
They have many different plants on the plantation
and one of their production is coffee..
Alex ( can only see his hand) having a go at roasting 
Luwak coffee beans

 Hello civet cat

tried a pot of luwak kopi
 ( R60,000 which is about S$8)

 Also get to sample other beverages they have 

Lovely surroundings 

Okay, will update part two soon!

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