Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thai Food Lunch at Porn's

In celebration of a friend's birthday, a few lady friends and I went for a simple lunch at Porn's!~ 
I am sure you know by now Porn's is nothing sleazy but a Thai eatery that has been around for a while. It's owner is TV host Pornsak. There are a handful of branches and the one we went is the one at Liang Seah Street.  

It was rather empty when we arrived at 1230pm but shortly the tables began to fill up ..

Here's our food!

Tom yum goong ala steamboat style

mango salad

 yummy fried chicken

Prawn cakes..love this~!

Pha thai..quite nice..

Veg with salted fish..
kinda oily :P 

Fried beancurd..soft inside.. 

All the above were shared by 4 ladies and a little girl :P


It was dessert time at MOF after some shopping.. 

Happy Birthday Helen!

Xenia is no longer a baby!
She is getting very cheeky~ 

Hehe..making funny faces at the camera 

Matcha Ice Cream with 
Creme brulee

Strawberry Ice Cream 

My fav! Matcha ice cream , red bean and mochi! 


Silver said...

hello babe, how r u!
I havent try this though passed by a few times, is it worth going?
some of my friends said the food is nt that good?

Eileen. 静 said...

Hi Hi Silver

We found the food okay.. nothing fantastic :) Some friends said the one at Shaw ( former Prince cinema) Ah loy thai is better ..I tried that before..not bad..but always crowded :) Serving of food at Porn's is not alot.. as you can see so if eat with guys may have to order more..