Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The one at Singapore Air Show 2012

I was given a complimentary ticket for this year's Airshow ..(thanks to Alex's company).. afterall, their company had the biggest booth for the airshow..so I was badgering asking him if I could go.. Down side of the day was I had to walk around myself coz he and his team had to work that day..

I armed myself with my backpack filled with essentials for the airshow .. 80spf++ sunscreen spray, towel, cap, wet wipes, water, sun glasses and a comfy pair of shoes.. oh and of coz..my camera~!

Going there was pretty easy breezy.. I took the train to airport and transferred to the airshow shuttle bus with many others making our journey to the location.

The main motivation for me to go all the way to Changi for this would be the aerial display .. 

Okay ..check out the pics now :)

 truck loads of people waiting in line to board the plane..

 model plane.. how luxurious
big screen

 Everyone who watched the aerial display had to put up with 
about 1 hr of standing under the hot sun! 

I sprayed on quite a subsential amount of sun screen! 

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