Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Eileen shops: H&M

I walked out after 15 minutes. It was pure chaotic. The noise level, the crazy crowd of young & old, men & women alike, the jostling .. it was as if the clothes were going for free! Endless queues at all floors for fitting rooms as well as for payment drove me crazy. I need to get out..I told myself. That...was my first experience entering the H&M store few wks ago. ( which formally housed California gym)

It has been two weeks since , I kinda guessed the dust would have settled by in 80% of shoppers would have bought the store down and the crazy crowd have moved else where for their shopping diet.. I gingerly ventured to Somerset, walked towards H&M , cutting thru 313 Somerset.( air con is much needed)

I wouldn't say that it was perfect timing on my part, but the crowd has kinda disappear. There were no longer queues outside..Still, there were quite a large crowd of humans ransacking the store , given that it was a weekday late afternoon.

The clothes weren't much of a draw for me.. and call me bias, I still prefer my fruit brand Mango and its supposedly friendly competitor Zara as compared to H&M. After roaming the 3 floors, going thru racks of tee shirts, dresses, lingerie etc, I finally bagged two items from H&M.

How uncanny...both are polka dots :P

Polka dotty jacket

it's a square scarf..hankie size
gonna use it to tie my hair
or as a bag accessory

Have you bought anything from H&M Singapore yet?

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