Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour Concert Singapore

He is by far the only ...mind you, only celebrity that is able to have 5 sold out concerts in Singapore! He is none other than one of the 4 "heavenly king' , Jacky Cheung.

Wei ting and I went for his concert on the 4th night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We were treated to a wonderful visual as well as audio experience!~ First segment was played out in a 'musical' form, show casing songs which reflected Jacky's point of view about love.

Another segment was paying tribute to Fei fei, Lydia Sum, whom he affectionally calls 肥姐. I love watching her movies and entertainment programs. She has definitely put smiles to many faces while she was alive :)

laser was used..pretty!

*ouch my eyes!*
super bling bling suit!

One segment that is acquired taste would be him singing songs from
his Private collection album. I guess majority of his fans are not that
into his jazz songs.

I was, oops, it was more like the whole stadium sang
along with him when he belted out the songs
from the late 80s to early 90s.

It was a pity that he spoke 99% in Mandarin!
Would have been perfect if he spoke Cantonese

He sang, he danced, he crooned us for about 3 hours ..
He has perfect pitch through out..and with all the dancing,
it seems effortless to him..
You wouldn't have guess that he is 50 years old!

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