Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Eileen visits the Istana (30 Aug 2011)

Wei ting, Eileen Ng & I have been wanting to visit the Istana for the longest time..and it finally happen last wk.. It was the Hari Raya Istana Open House last week ( 30 th Aug 2011)

We were at first quite apprehensive if we should join the snaking queue that has formed just outside Plaza Singapura . But we did..coz it was Mr Nathan's last Istana outing as our President.

The queue may be long, but it moved pretty fast and it split into two different lines at one point. One was for non Singaporeans and one was for Singaporeans. It was quite fast for the Singaporean line! ( duh.. but of coz) It's free entry for Singaporeans and PR. As for tourists and non Singaporeans, they have to pay $1 .

The Istana grounds is huge! Sprawling greens and many lovely plants and flowers lined the place. Kids & adults alike were seen having a great time playing on the big open space.

Love the details on the gate
And see the Istana on the hill..

It was really crowded that day..

How nice if this is somewhere in Europe!
It doesn't feel like a place in Singapore :)

This pic below taught me a lesson..
always check the photos after being taken!
See that woman standing behind us!?
Total spoiler!

We are able to enter the building for a small fee of
$2 which will be contributed to charity


A member of the public
made this for Mr Nathan!

Thank you Mr Nathan..

hmm..not forgetting his Mrs

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