Saturday, July 16, 2011

Change is inevitable and change is what I need now

It was a long day at work. Phone calls kept coming in so I had to double up as the receptionist as well.. it was just another typical busy day at work. I am just thrilled that it's Friday and counting down my last days in this "almost like my 2nd home'' office.

It has been a very trying and tiring week for me. There was laughter and there were tears . To say that this week has been a struggle would be an understatement. I had to deal with a lot of my own internal turmoil. Nothing beats a good laugh with my music group friends, some whom I have not met in quite a long while.

It's gonna sound silly but I do have my fears about leaving a job and place which I know so well. It is sad that everything is good..except the two most important factors * in my opinion * - the company boss as well as the salary . Some people work for solely money..never mind if the boss treats them shitty. Money is their main motivator. If the money factor here is attractive, I might have just stayed longer..but it isn't the case.

Colleagues have never been an issue to me , as in , I got along well with most people I work with. Sure I bitch about one colleague to another..but at the end of the day , we still got along and I would say I am quite well liked.

I know I will wake up one day and miss going to work in Toa Payoh. I know I will one day wake up and miss having lunch with the bunch at the coffeeshop that serves sub standard food. I know I will miss sitting on the ' once Jeannette got drunk and puked on the covers'' couch , watching the videos the guys are editing. I know I will miss the neighbour's dog, Sunny the fat jack russell . I will miss going on video shoots ... :(

Humans are so prone to habits and repeated actions.. we tend to find complacency in them. I have been feeling complacent for the longest time.

Change is inevitable and change is what I need now. When you wake up most of the time feeling unhappy about going to work is the time to move on.

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