Monday, May 23, 2011

Malacca Wkend (1)

Venue- Malacca, Malaysia
13 May Friday - 15 May Sunday

We did the obligatory couple shot on board the coach.. it was ..afterall, a 3 to 4 hour ride to Malacca..

Here's a few photos of the
hotel we stayed in
* Melaka Straits Hotel*
It's located just right behind
Hotel Equatorial

It was spacious, and we had a jacuzzi bath tub :D
oh, there is free wi fi too

It is really not difficult navigating around the heart of Malacca. It takes us about 10-15 mins walk to reach Jonker Street, Malacca's Chinatown. Just right behind the lane of our hotel is where the remains of the A' Formosa fortress lies. Ascend the steps , and it will bring you to St Paul's Hill, and there you will find the remains of St Paul's Church.

Well, before I show you the photos at those places I mentioned above, here's what we ate for lunch after arriving in Malacca slightly after 2pm.

Being first timers in Malacca,
it took us more than 30 mins to locate
Jonker Street :P

and by the time we arrived at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice,
we were starved!

Chicken rice is chicken rice..
don't expect too much from it..

To be honest, I have tasted better chicken rice
in Singapore :P

if you are interested, you can queue
at Chung Wah Coffeeshop for their chicken rice
* which we didn't *

It was Chendol time after lunch

The gula melaka is to die for..
We had this gula melaka chendol
at Jonker 88. They have a few other
stalls that serve noodles, laska etc.

Retro , old school decor at Jonker 88

Quaint place :)


Some sight seeing photos...

Malaacca river

The famous Christ Church

pretty trishaws lined outside
the red house, waiting for tourists ..

Apart from the weather and the walking,
it has been a gd wkend getaway for us both :)

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