Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Mr T meets my friends

It was a 'meet my friends ' weekend for Mr Toh :P Quite a few of my close girl friends have been wanting to meet him since we made it official :)

It was lunch with the Lims on Friday afternoon . We went for pizzas and pasta at Peperoni Pizzeria ( by Les Amis group)

Creamy pasta! Yummy but sinful :P

Tomato based pasta

I like thin crust pizzas!
had half of each..
Parma ham and wild rocket , ham and mushroom

Quite a laid back place.. there's a bar too..

Decor of the restaurant

Cutie Nicole and Godma Eileen

It doesn't take too long for Nicole to warm up to Uncle Alex :P


Few hours later, it was dinner with Liz and her lao gong , Gautam.

Liz suggested steamboat, so it's back to Yet Con for some old school setting and pipping soup and chicken rice! The place was packed when we were there at 8pm!

ordered some sio bak ( roasted meat) too

Slurp it all up!
yummy soup :P

Finally a proper photo :P

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