Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A morning at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

I have always thought that Bukit Timah is very far from my place...but recent travels there proved me wrong. During the mornings and non peak hours, the time taken for me to reach the area ( via public bus) was about 30mins. That isn't too bad is it!?

So yeah, I had a pleasant bus journey to Bukit Timah a few Sundays ago. I was there to meet good friend, Wei ting , for our walk up the hill!

view of Bukit Timah Hill

It's my first time at the reserves!

Remember to read this before your
climb :)

There are lots of interesting insects and
forest creatures along the way

Tall trees line on
both side of the trail...

Do you like the sound of the forest?
I particularly enjoy me a
peaceful feeling and calms me :)

You can choose the steps..
which we did not take..

It was not really a tedious climb..
(* though the beginning was a bit
trying as it was an up slope *)
and soon enough we have reached the top!
Though not quite the top I thought it would be..

we sat around and chatted , enjoying the
breeze at the top..

we were even saying how nice if there is a cafe right up
where we were seated..but only to realised
how silly that would have been!
Who on earth is gonna cart the equipments and fixtures up?

Let's take a photo!

We lingered around the 'summit'
for about 1 hour or so and finally
made our way down.

Wei Ting got a rude shock when she came face to face
with the slithering creature!
* picture is blur coz I was shaking when taking it!*
hahaha..I was afraid as well but still wanted to
take a picture of the snake :P

We detoured while going down...

Ta da!

I wanted to see the quarry...

Nice :)
* Wei ting told me that before railings were in place,
many people would not think twice about
taking a dip in the waters*

Look who greeted us when we got back to the bottom!
Happy family :D

There are many monkeys staying in the reserves!
They happily posed for the many cameras there!

They are everywhere....


It was almost lunch time
after our walk...

As we were making our way to
Beauty World Center,
we spotted a path way behind the bus stop

OH! It's the railway tracks heehee
Of coz we joined the many others who have
taken photos of the rail way tracks there!

Keep a look out for the train ok!?

This is a dangerous act!
Do take caution
* giggles*

Sit at the track at your own risk :P


Here's our lunch at the hawker center at Beauty world~

Satay bee hoon!

Xiao long bao

Shopping centers and feasting on food
have taken a toll on me....

I intend to go on walks and trails
through out the year!

You bet I will be back to the reserves soon :D

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Oh my monkeys are everywhere. haha