Saturday, January 08, 2011

The one who ate at Freshness Burger

I have heard and read about Freshness burger before it came to our shores late last year.
I managed to taste my first burger at this chain before saying goodbye to 2010.

Oh, in case you are wondering, there are now 2 outlets. The first is at Nex Mall at Serangoon and the other is at Central Mall Clark Quay.

Freshness Burger at Nex Mall is not too brightly lighted. They are not quite your regular,fast food joint with bright lights and loud music.

It looks more like a diner/cafe
rather than a fast food joint :)

I like the fact that
there is flowers on the tables
*'s chrysanthemum*

I have been cutting down on my
red meat intake..
So, it's time for the Tofu burger!!
Pity that they use the soft silky tofu ..

The first few bites were ok, alas,.things got a bit out of hand after that.

There is avocado , a thick slice of tomato,
followed by the tofu and a layer of lettuce.

As I ate my way thru the burger, the tufo decided
not to corporate with the rest of its side kicks..

It was a messy affair eating this burger
Other than that.. I would say that the burger tasted okay..

Had an order of their fries too..
It was one of the raves..the
fries were made of potatoes from Hokkaido
I kinda like them...I could be bias
as this one has potato skin..and i like it

yuzu soda
free with my order of burger.. :]

I will return to try the others soon ..

a friend recommended me the spam burger... :P

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