Saturday, November 20, 2010

The One @ ToTT Bistro

Read on if you like fish and chips , & durian tempura~

There is a new household, kitchen as well as restaurant supply store that is newly opened at Durean Road. It is located at Sime Darby Center

ToTT is quite an interesting concept. It houses the above items as I have said as well as a corner where you can bake cookies on the spot ( with the assistance of the staff there). There is also a bistro where the food offerings were specially designed by Chef Sam Leong.

So yup, we were there last week to try out the food :D

Mushroom soup

Crispy battered fish and chips

Linguine with Tomato Sauce and Chicken

This is a hot favorite...

Durian Tempura!

Same batter as the fish

check out the oozing durian!
Love it... hmmm..yumm..

ToTT 's concept is simple..
it seemed to wanna copy Ikea to a certain extend..

Spoons lined the walls of the bistro

anyway..there is a kids' playground at the bistro

896 Dunearn Road 01-01A
Singapore 589472

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