Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lunch @ Soup Broth Asia

The people at Soup Spoon has did it again. Has it come full circle? Soup Spoon serves ang moh soup with a twist, and they also came up with Handburger . Now there is Soup Broth Asia :) As with the name, they serve up oriental soups :P ( tom yam n indonesian chicken opor to name a couple )

You can just order the soup itself or have it in a set meal.Each soup comes with a bowl of long grain rice. Add $1 if you’d like to change this to yam rice or fried rice with egg. Add $3.80 or $4.80 to any soup to get a set meal consisting of a drink, appetiser and a side dish with meat and/or vegetable.

My solo set meal
Lotus Root with Pork Rib Soup

Generous serving
Two persons could have shared this pot
There are carrots, red dates, peanuts
pork ribs, lotus root and small piece of
cuttlefish :)

Hehee..yes I over ordered..
the soup itself makes a filling meal.

Here's something cute...

As you wait for your soup to be served, you can try it out!

Make your own chopstick rest :)

there's instructions given..

Ta da!
Here's my chopstick rest :D

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