Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The One @ Xin Wang HK Cafe ( Kovan )

Hi all.. yes, I would be travelling to Vietnam HCM as you are reading this post now :)
Shall be there for 5 days..

So before I tell you more about my HCM stay..here's a quick recap of my recent activities!

Venue - Xin Wang HK Cafe at Kovan

This dinner took place 2 mondays ago :P

June and I finally met again! Has it been a month already since our first meeting? it is horrifying fast.. This time round, we invited Vernice to join us :D She's another online forum/blogging friend I got to know but not met until that Monday . We got along well online so it is yet another natural progression to meet !

Dinner Time!

June's western set
Pork chops

This is mine
Pork chop rice

Mushroom baked rice :)

We didn't know that Vernice was
secretly taking photos hahaa
*it's good to dine with fellow
food snappers! *

Vernice snapped a shot of our
bling bling shoes kekee

It was a wonderful evening of sharing
and laughter.

Let's do this soon girls!


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