Saturday, July 24, 2010

The One who attended a Physiogel Event


With the ever changing weather and climate of late, I am sure many of us have notice that it has taken a toll on our skins. Being under the harsh rays of the sun will only add on to the aging process, and so is the usage of the wrong kinds of moisturizers.

My mission in this post is simple. I just wanna share with you how important it is to moisturize and what are the factors that depletes the 'water' ( moisture ) in us :O

I was glad to be invited to a skincare re-launch . It was all thanks to Ju Ann who opened up the invitation on her blog :)

The event was open to female bloggers / ladies who blog. It was held in a small ballroom in Grand Park City Hall Hotel ( near Funan )

Before we got on with the event proper, the kind people at GSK helped to measure our skin moisture level with a wonderful gadget .

A measure of 70 and above would
mean that your skin is hydrated enough

Would you care to guess what is my measurement?

it was a whopping low of 17!

Yes, I have very dry skin...

Anyway, it only goes to show
how much i have to moisturize myself...

Moving on...

There were two speakers for the evening. First to speak was Dr Mark Tan , a dermatologist from National Skin Center .

Here are some of the things
he touched on

What are the factors that causes dry skin?

how true..

I sit right under the aircon in my office..
which explains why my skin is so dry..
Dr Tan said it is important to consistently and constantly
moisturize in the air con room .

It is also best to moisturize after washing of hands ,
especially after using soap as the chemicals
in soap can remove the moisture in our skin.

So how often should you moisturize?

We need to keep the moisture in us
so we need to rehydrate .

What are some of the signs of
dehydrated skin?

Not every moisturizer is able to keep our skin hydrated

Physiogel is one such product that is able to do so .
Studies have shown that their formula is able to
keep our skin hydrated up to 3 days!

What makes it so speical?

Physiogel contains their DMS technology
as well as it also has
cermide in the products .

Cermide is good as it is
it keeps chemicals that come in contact with the skin
from absorbing into the body, and it keeps water inside the skin from leaching out.

The next speaker was Mr Eugene
from Physiogel

He shared with us many things about

He also told us what to look for in a

The highlight of the evening was
the quiz sessions between us ladies.

We were divided into 3 groups,
Rehydrate, Revitalise and Repair
( the slogan for Physiogel :) )

It was quite fun participating in the quiz
and my team, Rehydrate came in first :)

Each of us received a bottle of shampoo

just want i needed!
I have pretty sensitive scalp.

oh, each blogger also went home with a goodie bag
You bet I am gonna start moisturizing my skin
with these goodies :]

You may wanna pop by their website
and give their products a try~

There is a giveaway promo now

The kind people at Physiogel is
giving away travel packs

Just fill in your particulars and you will receive an email which allows you
to redeem your travel pack at
selected Guardian stores.

( i was also one of the winners for the lucky draw
Managed to get a $50 Taka voucher *_^ )


Ju Ann said...

congrats for winning the $50 taka voucher too!!

i love the goodie bag - haha i went to the event as a blogger as well.

anyway, i got 15 for my moisture level leh! super low -.-!!

Eileen. 静 said...

Hi Ju Ann :)

yeah.we need to slap on more lotion and cream!! :P

it was good to have met u and also got to know some other girls too..

oh..btw.. i redeemed the travel pack liao :P