Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dim Sum Brunch Buffet at Jade (Fullerton Hotel )

Saturday 3 July
Fullerton Hotel

Jade Restaurant's Weekend Dim Sum ala carte buffet has been on going for few years. There are two sittings for this buffet. First timing is 11.30am - 1.30pm ( $28++ ) and the 2nd timing is at 1.30pm - 3.30pm ( $33++) We went for the first slot ( both slots have the same yeah..i would of coz choose the first slot.. why pay more ? )

It was said that one would have to wait rather long ( like need to book 1 -2 months in advance ) to get reservations , but I guess it has been much easier of late as we were able to get a table in 2 wks :)

There were some hits and misses for this buffet. Not everything on the menu is worth ordering. Well, here are some of the items available :)

Let's start with the hits!

Each person is entitled to
one serving of the soups
( there are 4-5 choices )
Some are double boiled, while some are broths.
Sarah had the spinach with crabmeat (left)
while I chose the shark's fin
We gave them both thumbs up :)

We simply love the
prawns with wasabi mayo!

James gave the prawn an
exquisite look :P

These bite size egg tarts
are really yummy!!

Deep Fried Taro Paste Wrapped with Truffle and Mushroom
Crispy and nice..
they seem to add truffle to a lot of food these days..

diced chicken with dried chilli

Sweet n sour fish
another hot fave of ours :)

yes..i broke my
'no red meat ' pact
This beef brisket is good!
I had two slices .. I love the spices :P

Char siew is soft and tender
erm..kinda fat though :P
but that's the beauty of char siew
it taste better with some fats

Isn't this cute!
this is the squid ink har gao
( skin has been dyed with squid ink )
look at those roe...heehe

this is quite a novelty
abalone siew mai

Now, let's move on to the misses...

some are really forgettable..

salted egg yolk custard...
i was expecting the custard yolk to flow out.
but i was disappointed.. taste wise it was nice :D
Custard yolk was kinda solidified

these are foie gras xiao long bao..
I couldn't taste the foie gras at all
hmmm..give me din tai feng or crystal jade's
any other time..

3 of us ordered the dried scallop porridge
and all 3 of us gave thumbs down
My mum's one is so so much better!

choices for desserts change from time
to time
This is the honeydew sago
one word- normal

My lunch kakhis for the afternoon


Josephine said...

Wow.. i am so hungry.... they look delicious

Josephine said...

wow look very tempting... good comments too