Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Pet Story, 2 Betta & a Terrapin

My latest interest would be fussing around my betta fish as well as the two terrapins i acquired last week .. It is not the first time having aquatic animals as pets :) Bro and I used to keep fishes when we were younger....

Do you know what was my first pet?
It was a chick! Yes..a chick... all yellow and chirpy!
I was in kindergarten when I had that chick... Pity it died after a few weeks.... I believe my uncle or aunty also had a parrot.. wasn't too sure if it was our pet or they were just pet sitting for a friend.. Subsequent pets included fishes and terrapins. Oh, and when I was in Pri 4, I bugged the adults for rabbits .

One of my uncles got us a pair... White and Black.. Yeah.. 小白和小黑。。They were the cutest rabbits ever. It was really hard work keeping pets. I had to feed them, bathe them ( rabbits really dislike water.. ) change their cages... but it was oodles of fun back then. This pair were also parents to a bunch of bunnies . Sadly, some of the bunnies didn't live for long.. and my mum gave the remaining ones away to our neigbours. In fact, she gave both black and white away too. Mum never quite like the idea of having pets... even till today! * sulks*

It was a long gap before the next pet came along. Two of them actually. My classmates decided to present me a pair of hamsters for my 18th birthday! Ahahahaha.. till today i have no idea why they bought me hamsters.

i will try to dig out photos of the bunnies and hammies... they really brought me much joy :)


Ah yes, one of the betta fish somehow died.. not quite sure of the reason why..but I got myself a replacment :P Still using the same name as the one that passed away...

Meet Blue Fins :D
he may not be the prettiest
but he is really nice..
not fierce, very gentle
and quiet...

Do you know why the betta makes such bubbles?
it means that it is ready to breed.... only male bettas build bubble nest.
this is done so that the females will be attracted to them ...

So I was bored...and decided to place the two tanks
side by side....

see what happened!

Red swish showing Blue Fins who's the boss!
Red started to flare at Blue!
It was amazing...

Just look at his flare :D

This is red swish when he is not flaring
see the difference? :)

I hope to see Blue Fins flare one day .....


Gotta introduce my dear Chompz to you now...

I have no idea what is Chompz' gender..
Chompz says HI~

Chompz is smart...
it knows to look up for more food...
it feeds on the pellet and shrimps
in a fast manner..hence the name
Chompz :P


I would very much love to keep a cat one day..


Modery said...

sigh. while those terrapins may be cute while small, they'll grow very quickly and can reach a length of 20-25cms. and they can live for quite some time, ours in Germany was 19 when she died

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Nice fighting fish there

kenwooi said...

we used to have rabbits, tortoise and cats.. but now we have dogs only =)

Eileen. 静 said...

Rene-- yeah..i know they can get pretty big! My cousins used to have one that was about 15 cm. Wow.. 19 yrs old! I hope mine can last that long too :P

Lean-- Thanks for visiting!

kenwooi-- hehehe.that's the progression i want!~ I love dogs.. but i also know it's not easy taking care of them.. quite a huge commitment :D

erwinator said...

I raised fighting fishes before but I don't let them battle because it'll ruin their fins. :-D

Kelvin said...

My uncle got a pigeon for pet when i was of the smelliest pet i even seen >.<

Eileen. 静 said...

oh i dun intend to let them fight either. but i love to see them flare! ahahaha.. :P it's a beautiful sight :P

kelvin- so what happen to the smelly pigeon?