Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend : Opening of Helix Bridge

Venue : Marina Floating Bay
Event: Opening of Helix Bridge

It was a slow weekend.. and we were lost for places to go . So there we were.. jostling with the crowd at the Marina area. Chris parked at Marina Sq and we took a stroll to the floating bay.

We saw this bamboo 'display'
at the Esplanade

Look closely and u can
see 'artwork' on the bamboo

See how Nicole squashed her face
against the bamboo poles..

The turn out at the floating bay was rather good even
when there was a slight drizzle
everyone was waiting for the fireworks hahah

Still quite empty at 7pm...

People started streaming in....
Love the skyline :D

Posing with the Helix behind us :)

The partially opened Marina Bay Sands

Night falls, and the moment we were waiting for

It was a good 2 mins :D
I have yet step foot on the bridge but
drove by the new road just last night..
pretty cool sight i must say

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