Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The One who shops and eats

Don't you just love the high when you shop? I get that.. I am not sure about you. But reality hits when you look at the bank statement / credit card bill at the end of the month...

I love shopping trips where I get to purchase something..feels especially good when the clothes u like fits you and the price tag is not too alarmingly expensive. I dislike shopping trips where you can spend, yet someone dictates what you can or can't buy. Worst case would be you end up buying nothing after couple of hours. I bought a few stuff in the past weeks....

the dress is nicer in reality..
uniqulo leggings were on discount :P


you want more food pics?

lunch for 2 at maxwell market

it may not be from the popular stall,
but still taste okay :)

peanut ice kachang
hope to try the 'real' one
at tanjong pagar market


Dinner on Saturday

we made a wrong move..the coffee shop was packed to the brim coz the zi char stall was featured on a ch u food program( Sizzling Woks) ..and the saturday crowd turn up after watching a re run on ch. 5 ! We arrived and ordered at 7.30pm, ( our movie starts at 9pm.. ) thinking that we should have enough time to gobble up the food.. ah yes, we were told we would need to wait up to at least 45 mins.

It was noisy, it was smelly--there is a HDB rubbish dump ..yes those big big ones, not more than 30 meters away from the coffeehop. We were greeted with the pungent perfume ala rubbish dump while seated at our table, hoping that our food will be serve before 8.30 pm .

Here's what we ate after 1 hour of sitting and waiting....... (ran out of time as they took much longer to serve the 4th dish -prawn with pumpkin paste, we had to packet it and we ate in the cinema haahah )

( taken with lousy sony )

I tell you.. the fats is really worth eating..
they melt in your mouth :D

we were starved!
To fu dish

herbal chick. soup


this was our movie...
Nicole was enthralled by toothless the dragon :D
so were we!

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