Saturday, April 24, 2010

The one who had to wear an ugly homemade tube

I woke up on Saturday morning ( 17 April ) with stiff fingers. I really panicked and made a call to Chris asking if she ever had such experiences. I kept clenching my fingers and did some massage on my arm, hoping to circulate the blood back to the fingers. The stiffness disappear after a good 20 mins or so.

All these took place concurrently with my gastritis ...sob sob. The bloated tummy of mine ( due to gastritis) got the better of both pain, so I just left my arm as it was.

Come Monday, I realised the area near my wrist seems to be swollen and somewhat tender and painful when light pressure was applied to it. But it didn't affected me much so i left it by itself till Wednesday when I finally went to see a chinese sinseh about my arm condition.

From previous experience , no thanks to my once sprained ankles, I know how painful it will be during the tui na (推拿)( ...but I guess I must have underestimated the pain level.

It was truly an much so that my pain threshold has gone up a few notches with that tui na session.

Strong hands and herbal medicated
smell permeated my nostril and skin...

So yes, these are d 2
areas where my arm hurts badly

There were about 6 treatment beds , each with curtains to
cover it those in the hospital.

Before my chinese therapist could start treatment on my arm,

I was asked to change out of my

( should read : ugly one size fits all tube )

* i was wearing a romper that day..
( click here if u dunno what a romper is )
and after donning on that ugly homemade tube , I felt very naked... it barely reaches my knee.. and i was told to lie on my stomach , stretching my arms outwards. I had to pull it down nicely in order to maintain my modesty :P *

I was in trepidation the minute my therapist touches my shoulder blades

Here was what my expression was for the initial 3 mins...
Pain score was a 4/10

Before I can even say ouch, the pain level shot up to
7/10 and made it's way to 10/10 in no less than
5 mins. I was clenching to the pillow case all the while
and had to suppress myself from screaming out loud!

The therpist was applying pressure to my shoulder blades , and then
kneading my biceps all the way down to my wrist.

I wanted so much to scream and shout...

it was really no fun...
and I will be repeating this painful
treatment today (24 April )

So we go again :X


sinseh : doctor / physician (in student teacher context, can mean teacher)

tui na : a traditional Chinese technique that stimulates acupuncture points by brushing, kneading, rolling and pressing areas between joints

* doodles are not drawn to size hhaha :P *


rinaz said...

Yikes! I hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

"I had to pull it down nicely in order to maintain my modesty :P "

HAHA you are so cute :D:D

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks Marina :D i just went back again for 2nd time.. still hurt like mad.. but arm is feeling much better already !

jade.. heheh.. nothing much for people to see...but still.. better cover up! :P the tube was really yucky lor