Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nicole turns F I V E

It's Princess Nicole's 5th Birthday!

We had dinner at Zhou's Kitchen ( Far East Square) . Chris invited me to join her family in celebration of the sweetie pie's birthday .

oops. bad photo of the cake..
got shadow :P
cute cake though...

yea! I am 5 years old now!~

the lims

More photos....

We had no idea where to go after dinner...
in the end, we called Maria to join us
at Mount Faber.

We went for a night stroll!
yeah! it was a short stroll from
Mount faber to Henderson Wave

Thankfully it was not a humid evening
but i would love to go back there in the day

Random shots

I love this shot I took :)

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Anonymous said...

the cake is so pretty!