Monday, January 18, 2010

An Evening At Dempsey-- Bacchus

Venue - Dempsey hill ( The new development area, block 7 )
Company-- Foodies Club Friends.

It was a mish mash of people who came for this event. The usual suspects did not show up either due to sickness or other commitments. To be honest, I had wanted to bail out for this dinner. Prior to dinner, I was out with P and his good friend G. came along. That made me felt a little uneasy as it's just odd.

P had wanted to shop for clothes and G was basically just tagging.. I don't like taggers who doesn't give constructive suggestions..but I can't blame G as he doesn't has much of a fashion sense to start with. * big sigh*

I was totally bored and felt that I had to call it a day earlier with P. So I made plans to meet one of my foodie friend in town before we head down to dempsey.

Have you tried walking in to the main restaurant area of Demspey ? Where the fountain is? Yours truly did..and I made many fun discovery of the place! I mean usually friends drove so we just head straight to the destination, but last week was different. It was a good walk!

It was German food night for us. A fairly new restaurant set up shop at Blk 7. Bacchus (Bacchus bascially is the Greek God of wine :D )has lots of variety of German wine and decent meals to go along with it. Food is okay, but personally I might not return there again as I can get German fare else where in town. Oh ... it was shockingly empty during dinner time at Bacchus on a Saturday evening. The place wasn't even half filled. I guess they really need to do alot of publicity in get the crowd in.

I tried something different for a change.

It's pork chop with potato noodles
Yeah.. the noodles tasted something between
pasta and potato.. ahahaa..
The sauce was suppose to be some chef speciality
but I don't like it :P Actually, kinda regret
coz it was just pork chop..expensive ones too..

Here's what others ordered

quite a few of them had sasauges

One of the staff took a photo of us too...
with their own SLR camera!
They said it will go on to their website gallery!


Blk 7
Dempsey Road
Tel: +65 6474 6628

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