Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A taste of Hokkaido- Tampopo

Treated myself to a tasty rich bowl of seafood base ramen at Tampopo last week. They were having the Hokkaido ramen specials ( ended 22 Nov. )

Noodles were served separately from the soup. Just add the amount you like into the soup. I had some difficulties with the noodles as they were kinda 'dry' and was a chore trying to get an appropriate amount into the soup.

There were dried shrimps, bamboo shoots
and seaweed. Soup is a tad 'salty'

something's missing

can u figure out what food item is missing?

How can they forget the egg?
so it is :P
( so cheapo.. one egg cost like 10-20cents..
this place only serves 1/2 an egg! )

good read

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