Monday, November 23, 2009

Good company matters alot

Eileen's Social and Food Diary

Friday 13 Nov

Oh yes.. the infamous Friday the 13th! Did anything exciting or news worthy happen to you on this day? It was an easy Friday for me.. everything was smooth sailing :) Unfortunately , one of my gal friends had it bad. Not only did she went to work when she was unwell, she had to get it from her boss too. Anyway, I head out to Constance's place for steamboat and shabu shabu after work that day.

The rainy season is such a good reason to eat steamboat.. ehehee. It just reminds me of a christmas carol by the way...

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

of coz in our context, we just have to make do with " let it rain let it rain let it rain" :P

It was seafood and meat overload that night.. we had too much food! :)

First of all, I need to tell you that married men do cook :) Cons' husband whipped up a tasty serving of fried kway tiao that night for all of us...

Here's the evidence of the Gilbert the cook at work

ah yes...he is pretty much a giant..
a friendly giant to be exact * giggles*

Here's the end results!
thumbs up :)

The wonderful fresh spread of seafood
and sashimi

Beef!~moo mooo

Teri the bitch
wants to join in the fun too :P

the happy couple

the happy dog owner
& her fur ball

after all the yapping and
running around..
teri finally falls asleep

" Godma, I want a dog too" said Nicole


Saturday 14 Nov

I've always wondered what would it have been like if I've moved to Punggol 8 years ago ( or was it 10 yrs ago?) Our families had applied for the Punggol flats and all 3 families ( mum, grandma and aunt ) were allocated the area we applied for. However, after much consideration, they decided to forgo the flats on the day of selection :P It was deemed too far for everyone of us. Now, don't even ask me why they went ahead to apply .. but I guess at that time Punggol was the 'It' place and only by moving to a new town and same block can our families be in close proximity ( and more chances of us bickering hahaha , you know how families can get at times don't u :P )

So I ventured to this town again on Saturday to visit my good pal ..she's the only reason why I would go Punggol... * laugh out loud*

The skies seems vast over at this end of Singapore
and what an orchestra of cranes

Punggol's quite a nice town .. quiet ( at least it was when I was there) , young, like a bud, awaiting to bloom ( give it some time ) . The authorities have big plans for this place. The flat we were allocated years ago is near Coney island.. that was one reason why I was a little disappointed when the uprooting didn't happen.. coz I like living by the waterfront.. Staying around Kallang river isn't exactly my idea of waterfront living =[ But my place is really accessible to most parts of can't complain much.

Right... let's move on... meet some punggolites for now!

Here's little Vivia who recently became a big sister to cutie baby Val!

Vivia--A big girl now
( Nicole saw this photo on my phone
and she exclaimed " so cute!" )

Meet baby Val

We were treated to Arnold's Fried Chicken
Thanks to Irene Godma
( now who's Godma is she? Val or Vivia? )

They are better than KFC!~

They only deliver to certain areas



Modery said...

Had Arnold's chicken at Katong (I think) and Hougang, sooo delicious!

Eileen. 静 said...


i am craving for it now hahha..

hehe..i think it's at City plaza ..not really in Katong :)

Modery said...

Yes, City Plaza, now I remember. It was very crowded there, but food was brought very quickly.
At Hougang it was relatively empty (well, half-full or so maybe), but the food took a while. Think because they prepared it freshly, it was very hot when it came.