Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wei Jie's Birthday Celebration @ Modesto's Vivocity

I finally decided to write... Can I just say this is all getting a little boring for me? The enthusiasm seems to be running out .. plus the lazy me just don't feel like blogging much :x There are more things to do these days and they are taking up a fair bit of my time .. You must be wondering what can they see, besides being addicted to watching TVB dramas ( amidst my other American sitcom and dramas) , I am also playing a couple of facebook games ( farming, cooking, jewels) :P

By the time i am done with them, there isn't an ounce of energy left in me to blog >.<
But I have to write this entry..coz it's my beloved cousin Wei Jie's 21st birthday! It marks his becoming of an adult.. He is like another brother of mine.. We are 14 years apart, I was in sec.2 when he was born :) It was both fun and irritating at the same time back then. He , Weimin ( 12 yrs apart with me ) and I were all staying with our grandma. It was a feat I tell you when you have two toddlers under the same roof...and me being a teenager then, was less tolerant of kids as compared to now I guess.

But we had fun despite some squabbles.. I took care of them at times and also tutored them . They moved back permanently to stay with their parents when Weimin went on to secondary school.

I was telling you that I would post a photo of me and Wei jie ( eons ago :P ) it is..


it was taken during a family trip to Australia.
Weijie should be about 9-10 yrs old then.
See all the baby fat he has then..hahaha..
and me.. eeks~ My eyebrows were so thinly plucked!
What was i thinking -_-''

And now..he is all grown up :P
n yeah, no more thin eyebrows for me

We had quite a feast at Modesto's last Saturday.
It was one of Weijie's favorite restaurant.

One of those things you have to order when dining at Modesto's is their pizza!
That's what they are known for...

Food here is good for to go in a group :)

Mixture of cheeses.. there is blue cheese :P
only for those who can withstand the taste and smell of blue cheese

This is Greca-- Wholesome goodnes!~
Sundried tomatoes, artikchoke, onions and garlic

This is the seafood pasta for 2
Pasta sauce is delicious.
Lot of prawn, mussels, clams and squid
plus a crab

Grandma had cod fish ( wrapped with bacon strips)
it is served with sun dried tomato sauce

the mushroom soup is good..not too salty
very homemade

signing the birthday card..
that's grandma in the background

Weijie and his parents

The future's bright and shiny!
The world is your oyster!
Go show them what you've got!

Cake's from Bengawan solo
Fruity Black Forest
The cake itself is light
and not too thing though
there was too much outer cream..eek.

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Jade said...

AHHH the food looks reaaaly scrumptious!