Sunday, October 11, 2009

lost for a Boomz!

Yes yes.. plain lazy me simply refused to think of a title for this entry... so boomz right?

I am merely borrowing the latest buzz word from dethroned ris(k) low. Too much has been said and written about this one miserable person. The world is battling with natural disasters , political issues, poverty ..yet the media here has given her weeks of air time on trashy razor tv not to mention the Straits Times running news on her day after day.

She is just a derailed wannabe teenager gone wrong. I have to say that while it was fun at first reading about it and watching those silly interviews of her on youtube, it has also become stale joke.. she'll be forgotten in no time.. Enough said.


in other random updates

Colleagues and I have been going to the golf driving range for lunch. It is can be quite a drain for my pocket as it can go up to $7-8 ..just for lunch. So I try to minimize the times I eat there. I just 'ta pao' wanton mee at the coffee shop and brought it over to the cafe there to eat :P I also brought my own water... I have been cutting down on canned drinks .. it's just too much wasted calories ..though i do succumbed to the one or two cans of coke zero on super hot days.

Here are some of the food items I have tried..

simple fare-
cheesy ham wiches

juicy cheesy sausage

colleague Justin
a bit more atas
chicken set

oh look :P
i pasted some stickers on my camera

dear nicole
wants to show off her art work

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