Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$$ Sing Dollars $$

Had a good laugh watching Dream Academy's " Sing Dollars" over the weekends

just take a look at their program booklet!

How nice would it be if these were really money! for a moment, these actually resembles, ahem.. paper money that some chinese would burn during the 7th mth :P uncanny! instead of LV, it says SD~ :P

I love the catchy tunes and funny characters...especially Pam Oei and Emma Yong.

I love Najip's dance segment! It was hilarious. Plus the lyrics to the song was laughter inducing.

I love watching Kumar on stage..he is just so engaging

I love Hossen in the jail act.and the audience just burst out laughing when we all saw "ming yi'' along side with the rest of the white collar crime.

Great cast! :]

23 Jul - 8 Aug 2009

Tue - Fri, 08:00PM
Sat - Sun, 03:00PM & 08:00PM

Get your tickets at the SISTIC website.... ! Have fun watching..

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