Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy weekend at Woodlands

Sunday 28 June
Somewhere in Woodlands!

Despite knowing Ben , my 'kor kor' at work for a short time, we have became good friends and he and his lovely wife Adrael, invited me to their cozy cottage flat for dinner last Sunday :)

They decorated their nice house in country style and I must say they have done a good job with it! Didn't take many photos of the flat as I was too engross with admiring it! Pity my photos doesn't do justice to the house :)

Living room

The computer / study room
The wall with lots of photos and items collected during their overseas trip

Can u see the grape tin can next to the flowers?
It's a tin of biscuits I got them..
Doesn't it goes very well with the theme of the house!?
I particularly love the display cabinet :)

Now....presenting Ben & Adrael's
sweet heart
NO!! not me lah hahahha..

Meet Precious!

Precious is a 8 yr old maltese that
loves to wear clothes hee..

Precious tryin to warn me about
the strange man behind :P

Here are their other pets..


Besides playing with Precious and watching the fishes preying on one another.....I also.....played Wii~ :) Pardon me now for I am a terrible ( virgin ) Wii player :P

the guys created this.....
what's with the dot on the forehead and
that silly shock look ?? hhaaaa

Cooking mama!

* don't worry..mama will help you!*

my lousy pathetic score

Let's take a look at what we had for dinner!

we had some yummy
juicy sweet corn before dinner...
I had a great time lapping up the butter :P

Adrael prepared a wonderful meal for us!
We totally enjoyed the
steamboat and teppanyaki :)

There's dessert after that!
Fruits Fondue !

Before I forget, the one with mouth wide open
is Justin! My other co worker :)

Thanks Ben and Adrael for having me over
! Really enjoyed myself :)

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