Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking a hiatus is quite unexpected.. of coz the odds were there. Plus two of my GP suspected that it could very possibly be appendicitis. So off I went to the specialist ( referred by GP) and he ordered a CT scan( could have bought a nice Kate Spade for the cost wahhaah ) for me. The whole of today ( except for the 2 hours in office) was spend seeing the doctors and doing the scan.

I was made to drink this orangy concoction before my scan
Was told to finish it up!! Yeah i did.. *burp*

It was 5.30pm after the scan was done and I was making my way home via MRT ..and just right before I reached Toa Payoh station, a call came in . It was the specialist bearing the bad news. It seems like appendicitis from the scan and an op is necessary. So once again I took the train back to Mt E to collect the scan as I will be doing the op at Tan Tock Seng.

So I guess this blog would be taking a break for a while... Honestly I dun like this a single bit.

He called and I whined , tried to joke and made me laugh..but that causes some pain to the tummy ahahaha.

The other mr called , I whined as well.. Just too surreal..

Oh..Thanks Weimin for calling from Aus. Miss you :) Will keep u updated.

Thanks to all who send their wishes on my Facebook.

Till then..take care.
(PS: I have scheduled a series of updates on some days.. i am not totally away :P )


jujube said...

-hugs- get well soon..

And i've always loved the looks of your blog (that you change constantly)

Eileen. 静 said...

:] thanks dear

ahhaah.does it make me look like fickle minded? always changing the background :P