Monday, April 06, 2009

" I really like you alot, but I can only sms you" I told him WTF

I was rather baffled recently when a supposedly suitor told me it isn't convenient to talk on the phone during office hours in his worst than a prison law firm . Actually that I can accept. What was stranger was how he is deemed too tired to talk even for mere minutes after work at night in his own personal space.

There he was gushing about how he found me interesting and hopes to get to know me better over text messages, and how 'cute' i look when we met briefly for "wtf, you met him for like what 40" minutes ( becoz he has yet another meeting to rush to ) But yet, he can't do dinners, he can't have conversations on the phone .. all he can managed are text messages. ( I strongly suspect this 'oh i am so busy ' lawyer in his hugo boss suit is attached )

Is this world too fast for me or has the dating scene changed so much that I am far lagging behind? He was sending me sms after sms asking personal details which I would very much provide if it was posed during a lunch or dinner session.

I told him , yes, over sms that I dunno how to conduct a friendship or proceed on with a friendship based on sms-es. That's just too VIRTUAL for me.. I prefer reality. I told him that even inmates in prison get to see their friends and family.

So, it isn't that I dun wish to give him a chance.. it's just that he doesn't stand a chance in the first place. If a guy is genuinely interested, meetings or no meetings , tired or not tired, he would make time to see the girl! Oops! did I mention that he has the time to go golfing over the weekend in M'sia ?

Do you expect me to believe his crap? Coz not.. even a 3 yr old can tell when a person is true and when is one a fake!

Right, there goes his name in my phone list.. deleted

I guess this is a case of '' He is just not that into you!"

I posted the same entry on facebook and here are the comments ( strangely, no one commented on my blog as yet to this entry.. is my comments area really that unfriendly? ) * I have allowed comments from anyone once again. You do not have to sign in to post comments. Just doing another testing ...will see how it goes *


`*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ said...

hi dropping by!! =))

passerby said...

well, these are the tell tale signs of:

1. he's married
2. he has a girlfriend
3. he is going after many different girls at a time thus he is VERY busy

either one, he is BAD news and GOOD RIDDANCE.

such men are disgusting.
and I have the same sentiments.
if you are a real man and is a player, LET THE GIRLS know so the GIRLS can CHOOSE if they wanna be in the game. simply hate those sneaky ones that want a GF/WIFE YET wanna fling in the dark. those are what I call BALL-LESS men. wanna play, sure, personal choice but be a real man! be up front about it.

i have a 'little' bit more respect for guys who are upfront about it than those on the sneak.

Eileen. 静 said...

Ryli- thanks for dropping by! come back soon

passerby -- yeah.. i dropped him like a hot potato already. apparently i haven't been replying his sms and of coz he got it loud and clear that i am not gonna play along with him in this stupid set up. thanks for your advice :)

passerby said...

well i'm just sharing girl, good that you're able to drop him.
i've been in such trashy scenarios before so i know and it's really good that his bubble is burst so soon. hahhaa! well done anyways!