Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on a Sunday morning.....

Has the human kind been devoid of even the simplest basic way of compassion and empathy? It seems that at present day, it's all about me me me--- The Me Syndrome. I would say most people are deep down selfish at some point. Have you notice how some friends drained you during tea time conversations by talking excessively about themselves without giving you room to talk ? And how people would just open doors for themselves and let go the min. they pass thru? Or how they rather let their shopping bags sit on the seat than to let a mother and her child have the seat?

OH on a different note,

I found out lately that someone who smiles at me, someone who makes silly small talks with me, someone whom I thought was "ok'' wasn't that okay. In fact, this person has been going around behind my back gossiping about me. Of course this isn't new.. what I wanna bring out is, if you really disapprove of me and my ways.. then please DON'T pretend as if we are friends or even acquaintances. There is no need to smile at me and at the same time think to yourself "hahaha..she's just a blur fxxx" . You can just cut out all the pretence. But isn't such a scene being played over and over again, day after day in almost every social context? Be it in school, at work, at home, in a relationship... It is scary how humans have become ...

I am quite disheartened of late. People just don't say what them meant. Yet, at the same time, can we handle what they really meant, all the underlying meanings? Can we? Friends sometimes go around the bush just to say something in order not to hurt the other party. Or perhaps insensitive friends can also say the worst things, disregarding your feelings.

A '' this color doesn't suit you very well'' could very well meant ''You look like a whale in that color!''

Which would you rather hear?

end note-- i know ..i sounded contradicting .

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