Saturday, January 10, 2009

The one who is down with sore throat..

Darn. I kinda slept my precious saturday away. Was down with a super bad throat and somehow was slightly feverish . So I just had to nurse the throat and fight the fever away. Oh well, it's all good now, feeling much better than last night!

Before I forgot, my grandma's out of the hospital already :) Been resting at my aunt's and now she is back here again :) All well, and back to her constant nag nag nag self :P

I am gonna hit the sack soon. Still isn't like 100% ok..eyelids are heavy as I typed now.
This was my breakfast n lunch today.. dinner was veggie rice

The below photos are overdued ones again :P
Was out with Thomas, Khim and Sherina few weeks back..
I realised how fun it was just to chill and hang out..


Haven't been really buying much things these days when I shop.

Bought these at the Metro sale

Yup~ for my back acne! I hate them.. gonna get rid of them

I am so in love with rose scents!
L'occitane solid perfume and hand cream

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