Saturday, January 03, 2009

The last bit of 2008.........

Yes, the party's over folks. It's officially 2009 now . Do write the correct year when you're penning out that cheque :P

It's kinda quiet at home today coz grandma's in the hospital for her op. It's a day op but given her age, she has to be warded for a couple of days. There was this growth at her right cheek and according to the doc , it was some fluid accumulation . It wasn't life threatening however, it was growing and has already ballooned to the size of an egg. So it was decided that she will go under the knife to get rid of it.

Grandma was sleeping most of the time when I was there.. will go visit again on over the weekend.

Dec 30th 2008 Monday

I met this bunch after a good 5 mths! This is the first time so far in 17 yrs! As in not meeting for such a long long long time. The last time I met them was at Vivia's first mth luncheon..

We had dinner at Globetrotters ( United Square) . Food was so so in my opinion...but I am sure kids will love this place as there is a 'playground' for them.. Jennifer's girl had a great time at the playground, whereas Vivia was too distracted by the rest of us

well, no food pics for this dinner as it wasn't anything fantastic.. till the next time ya! One thing though, there is no GST nor service charge at Globetrotters. So the next time you are there with your kids, you may wanna 'dump' them at the playground and eat in peace :P

31st Dec 2008

Like I have mentioned in an earlier posting, I was working on 31st and didn't have anything planned for the evening, neither did Chris and Mark. So in the end, we opted for late dinner at geylang lor 3... just a stone's throw away from my place.

Guess where did we had our countdown?
My corridor! :P
We were able to catch a bit of the fireworks and also saw the flares given off by the ships and vessels at the east coast.. it was a pretty sight.. like falling stars...

First few hour of 2009--
the lims vegetate chilling in my room..
particularly on my bed! hahaah


Outdated photos :P

We popped by Ruth's place last Saturday

Aww~ So jealous~ Shanae gave Chris a peck :P

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