Monday, November 03, 2008

The one who left her heart in Solo

I never thought that 8 days would be over in a blink of an eye. Yes, I am now back in the comforts of my home, seated in front of my computer, typing away. Yet part of me is still in Surakarta (Solo)...sitting around.. sipping my es soda gembira and eating bakso . Kinda miss the slow pace and being so close to nature :) One thing though...I really can't stand the humidity. Anyway..the following is the first installment of my simple 8 days Indonesia trip :)


Saturday 25th Oct 08

Who would have guessed that my alarm didn't go off on time :P I sorta slept 30 mins more than I should. Took a quick shower, and did a fast 5 min blow dry of my hair on the hairdryer and I took off for the airport at 6.05am .

Phew..I wasn't the last one to arrive ..Alicia was ( to think that she stays just 5 mins away from the airport! hur hur) We wanna do a group check in so kinda gotta wait till everyone has arrive. Well yeah..she got to the airport 10 mins later and the whole troop managed to check in and off we go for some shopping and breakfast in the transit.

That's our flight...

It was a smooth flight and we had fun taking photos and chatting on the way to Solo.

With Khim and sweet Helena

breakfast on the plane..

Here we are!
We were amazed with the size of the airport..

Going thru the customs wasn't all that bad when u have company. After clearing the customs, we made our way by cab to Cakra homestay :) It was a real gem of a place...though the bathrooms really need a face lift. Alicia and I opted for the aircon room. Some of the others chose the non aircon ones...( I prob. wouldn't have survived non aircon room) It is a big place with several rooms for tourists and travellers. There aren't many hotels in Solo and there are only 2 major shopping malls and I think a third one will be up soon.

Step right in...

This is the first time I brought along my 'pillow' overseas . Check out my green cushion.. Given how economical the rent is, I kinda expected the conditions of the pillows they provide. Pardon me but I just can't sleep on thin 'low' pillows. We also brought along pillow cases to line the given ones :P

Simple settings...

Don't expect hot water.. this is our bathing facility . It's really what we need.. nice cold bath as the weather in Solo is so so humid! Did I mention that there is no flushing facility for the toilet? This water is the same water we use to bath and to flush the loo hahahhaha..

Corridor outside our rooms on the 2nd floor

Love this mirror... great for last min. checking before going out :)

Cakra at night...from the 2nd floor
Sun sets at 5+pm..

After settling our bags and washing up.. the whole gang took a short walk to a near by restaurant for lunch.

As recommended by friends-- I had the steak lidah *cow tongue* :P yummy! Pity the portion's so little. I was told that the ladies in Java don't really eat much..and will get stares by her friends if she does :X

Soup..quite tasty..has egg and meat.

Okay..i shall continue again ..need to sleep now..

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