Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wondered why I only had a one liner in my post yesterday? :) I posted that via my phone. Was busy since the beginning of the week, making phone calls, making arrangement for movers, transfer of phone lines, internet connections, keyphone system..yes yes, the list goes on and on. It wasn't easy peasy in coordinating and making sure that everything comes together to be ready for our relocating yesterday.

But yes, I pulled through ..making sure that the electricians were there for the wiring , as well as singtel and the internet service provider got my applications for the relocation transfer. Phew.

Did I mention that moving is simply no fun ? The packing was a feat! Quite a no. of equipments were fragile , so we stayed up all night shrinking ( hee...i mean shrink wrapping) and bubbling wrapping them. *who wants free bubble wrap..I have tons for you to pop~~~!*

With the very very little sleep I got, I plopped in to the old premise to oversee the move at 10.30 am yesterday. I must say I was quite impressed with the way the boys (local 16-20 yr olds) packed. They were fast and managed to clear and packed what ever that was unwrapped or "un-boxed" in an hour or so.

Renovations are still taking place in the new premise , but there are two rooms that were operational ready , sans the carpeting. I guess we just have to put up with the dust and all for another week or so before things starts to take shape :)

invasion of the cute pencil case

just me.. in the biggest room (with a view)
will post a better pic once things are done up nicely

A sweet treat after all the hustle
rich, thick and chocolatey!

He Surprised me with Hei (黑)
yes, that's the name of the ice cream by Awfully chocolate
I love the chinese take out box.

我好想好想一个人独自的赖在咖啡座,静静的阅读,或看着人来人往。已经有一段时间没那么做了。忽然间很想念那漫不经心的日子 哈哈。

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