Friday, September 19, 2008

Blessed with good friends and food

Phew~ I managed to salvage my internet connection glitch at home. It was solved with a quick on and off of the modem :P

Things have been a little messy this week, with the very rush payment of the air tickets to Java (with my gamelan group in Oct ) to our settling in to the new premise( sniffing in fresh coat of paint ), to demanding clients ( smile and say yes ) , I am really tired! But it has been all good. I am tired but happy :)

Coz I am truly blessed with wonderful friends :)

These girls really made me smile . I decided to ditch the fresh paints on the wall to join Chris, Conz and Ruth for a quick chitchat ice cream session few days ago. Both Chris and Ruth came abounded with gifts for me !

The three of us now have the same straw bag thanks to Chrissy :)

Ruth whipped out two very very sweet towels from her bag.
I intially wanted to order from her shop, but due to lack of orders
it wasn't brought in :) She surprised me with them that day!

Went shopping with Chris thereafter and got these two from Zara

Me feeding Shanae with ice cream

Happy me with my ice cream (again!)


Dinner at Sakuraya Fish Mart
The Village Center

I love taking a ride along South Bouna Vista Road! Do you know this place? It is widely known as the 99 bends or 九十九弯. The bends are very tight but yet, most drivers love to travel at a fast speed to negotiate the bends :P Go try out the roads if you have not :P

So we had Jap food again! I can live on Jap food if that is the only cuisine to consume. The name of the place says Fish market, but it doesn't have any fishy smell like the wet markets ahhaa.

An array of fishes for your selection

Very fresh ika and hamachi!
I have a new found interest in squid!

Grilled fish..whose name I have forgotten
Not oily at all and very sweet

We both had noodles too. Udon for me, soba for him

Sakuraya fish mart
#02-01/02, 3 South Buona Vista Road,
The Village Centre
Singapore 118136

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Julian said...

Good to see you're looking good and the tee *hugs*