Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The One who watched Taxidermia and Speed Racer

Let's keep the movie reviews for part two...

First up...

What did Eileen eat over the weekend?

*warning..food porn ahead*
Weimin.. don't read if you are missing S'pore hawker food :o

Friday lunch
JB--顺发肉骨茶 (Ba ku teh )

Oops..was too busy tucking in the delicious food ..hence only managed to take the aftermath :P
It was so yummy that I actually finish the bowl of rice

Late Dinner/supper

Balestier Teochew Porridge

comfort food...

Saturday late dinner with family
Toa Payoh Lor 5 Hawker Center

* oh dear.. Wei Min..are you reading this? OOps..
you must really 'hate' me now.. Don't worry
we'll go eat all these when u are back okay? *

The stingray and mussels were good!


What Did Eileen watch lately

Friday Night

Speed Racer

This is a adaptation of the 60s Japanese cartoon ( my cousin remembered watching it in the 90s ). I was actually expecting a copycat version of Tokyo Drift or Initial D, but never though it was so animated! It was so futuristic..yet.. so pop art 60s all together. This movie also marks Rain's entry to Hollywood. His spoken English was just oookay..and his acting.. so so lor. ( I still like the Rain in Full house :P )

I love the colors..but I guess the racing scenes were too far fetch for me. Too unrealistic.. But overall the movie was enjoyable. You may wanna watch it if you like Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox ( Party of five) and Christina Ricci .

Like I mentioned in the previous post...I do sit on and watch the credits.. It can be fun watching .. I am always amazed to see the amount of man power , and the many many departments coming together to produce a film which last for an hour plus.

The 60s cartoon poster

Taxidermia (2006)
7.5/10 ( IMDb)

This movie was recently shown in Picturehouse. I missed it, but my dear bro. managed to get it for me :P I kinda like it even though it was pretty disgusting.

Trust me, never watch it before or after a meal. Watch before a meal-- you wouldn't wanna eat after that; watch after a meal, it will just warrant a good vomit. This is a strange, bizzard , morbid movie about 3 generation of men in the family -- an obese speed eater, an embalmer and preserver of animals , and a man who shoots fire out of his penis.

Competitive eating ...argh..gross

There was humor , yes, there was..mostly in the first story. However, the 2nd and 3rd stories pretty much gross me out. This fat guy basically is a sport eater. He takes part in eating competitions..and there were scenes where by these 'sportsmen' retrench what ever they eat into this large pails.. yup, that got me. Yuck! Right, I can't tell you the rest of the gross stuff in the movie..you just have to watch it yourself. I think the 3rd story takes the cake out of it.

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