Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Steamboat at Yet Con and good company

With the past few days being really cold days, I was kinda hoping that it would be raining during our dinner :P Why? Coz we had steamboat for dinner :P Wouldn't it be nice to be sipping hot soup on a cold rainy day :)

Okay, last evening's dinner was organised by Liz, while I suggested the place for dinner.

Time kinda stood still
*so 60s! *
(photo courtesy of Julian)

Yet Con is popular for its Hainanese chicken rice as well as the traditional style steamboat.

some of the food selection..
we ordered chicken rice too..

Eat and be merry!
(click for bigger image)

After eating our fill, we took a long walk all the way from Purvis Street to Marina Sq :P
Every coffee joint and cafe is packed! People are out in full force as it seem.
So we finally found a corner table enough for all 8 of us in Starbucks (quite resigned by then haha)

Our mystery friend joined us in this gathering :P

listening intenstly... what is so interesting?

ooh! Andrew telling everyone how to play poker the whole day on
facebook (^_*)

We didn't really hang out late ; everyone seemed tired so the night ended considerably early for a friday evening. It was always fun to meet up with this bunch *hugs hugs*

Yet Con
25 Purvis Street

Tel : 6337 6819


Random stuff

The weather is erratic , one day it is pouring , the next sunny n scorching. Still, I carry my cardigan everywhere I go. Can't be helped, I am not sure how others can be wearing sleeveless on a rainy night where as I have to be bundled up :P


Have stock up on my tea...
What kind of tea do you drink?


ShiChen said...

actually the steamboat looks quite small. Don't look filling at all..

Eileen. 静 said...

we ordered a whole chicken as well..

and the purpose of eating is not to gorge ourselves to the fill mah.. it is to enjoy the food itself.. :P hehehee

Julian said...

Wei! I only had one bowl okay? And in my opinion you should just crop her out and join back the rest... ;)


Eileen. 静 said...

heheehehe.. oops..someone is annngreeee :P

eeeh..thats true hor.. i think i should edit the pics again then :P