Wednesday, March 19, 2008

After thoughts of The Leap Years

Alright, call me a slow coach.. but I finally watched what some friends would have dubbed it the 'most romantic' Singapore movie. You mean you can sense the skepticism in my tone? With all the hype..I was really brought over. I entered the cinema with Chrissy, all happy that we were finally catching The Leap Years. I wasn't too sure if it's my expectations for the movie too much or it's really just a plain simple reason--I am just not a die hard romantic.

I just can't buy the ' girl meets guy, girl and guy got struck by cupid, but guy has to leave, so let's just meet every 4 yrs and stupid girl waits for guy' storyline. The girl in the story, Li Ann actually waited 12 years for this guy. If it was say 4-6 yrs, yeah, that would probably convince me, but 12 yrs is too far fetch .

Oh and not to mention this Li Ann has no prior boyfriend to meeting this guy and yet is able to give her heart and body to him . Doesn't make much sense to me when she gave her virginity to him at the 2nd leap yr, jolly well knowing he is gonna leave. (yes, i know this is a story fairytale , and fairy tales dun make sense) To think that she kinda gave up hope already about the 29th Feb promise they made, since she settled for that Raymond guy . 12 yrs is really a long time..and too much is at stake.

For those who have watched, don't you agree that the male leads in the movie needed hair cuts? Ok, Jeremy's long hair tied up is probably tolerable , but KS' hair -_-'' somehow it just gets to me . It just looked unkept/unkempt. I guess I prefer my guys to have short and neat hairstyles :)

Ks( qi yu wu) and his wavy locks

Oh well, nevertheless, the movie was still ok.. just that it didn't moved me to tears.

" A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it " Jean de La Fontaine


ShiChen said...

actually I watched it for wong li lin rofl, at her age she still looks very youthful @.@

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah,...she does look youthful .. hehe..errm..but no thoughts on the movie itself? did u enjoy it or u thought it was absurd?