Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sing song and Nicole's funny faces

Monday 10 Dec
Sing song at $10 ktv

Yeah! Not the usual kbox or partyworld this time round. I was ask to join Chris' cell group singing session at one of the KTV in Chinatown. The name of the place is Ten dollar club family ktv :)

There were about 12-15 of us so we were assigned to a big room! There's also a projector screen..but the tv was rather small. But its okay.. given the fact that the package comes with free flow of drinks for each and everyone, the ktv even throw in a bowl of 'sharkfin' soup for every customer :P We paid $12.50 each after taxes. So cheap!

Taken with grumpy naughty Nicole

The big screen...

The 'sharkfin' soup


The cheeky one is picking up new things very fast these days. Oh, she also develope a new interest in books..which is good! Have I mention she doesn't really know much chinese :P Guess what's her latest cheeky antic? Making funny and ugly faces! The perils of watching too much tv?? :P Nicole is very obliging when you ask her for her ugly face and funny face (when she is in a good mood)

Ugly face

funny face..totally love this one hehe

"what are u looking at? I know i am cute" face


mrsc said...

Is it near the Chinatown mrt? And the TV is super small :P

Julian said...

The little princess is sooooo adorable..

Eileen. 静 said...

mrsc: the ktv is at 31 smith street. it is just along the open air foodstreet. 2nd storey shophouse :) super small ...but compensated by the projector screen and low price!

julian: she is a bundle of joy..but only when she is in her good mood. well.u should know.. kids.. -_-'''

mrsc said...

Is it fully booked or full or just walk in can already?

Eileen. 静 said...

i think it's best to call..just in case.