Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Of weekend and Lluvia

Weekend update


It was my first time at the Imperial Treasure Suntec (rival of Crystal Jade XLB 小笼包)Most of the dishes found on the menu were identical to C.jade. Here's just some of the dishes we ordered. Didn't had the chance to take photos of the others as we were all busy eating :)

With a full stomach.. we made our way to the Esplanade for the Singapore Youth Choir Ensemble concert. They sang a series of Spanish songs and dance pieces. I suppose it wasn't such a good idea to watch a concert with a full stomach. It is either the food or the first two tunes were sleep inducing, I actually drifted off to dreamland momentarily -_-''




Met a bunch of new friends I got to know at Facebook :P

Friday nite @ Mustafa

Look what i found at this mega store--weighing machines! Nothing to be of surprise..but those we usually come across are much smaller in size. This one here is hugh and can take up to 100kg

They have almost everything and anything there... for those who haven't been there ..it's about time. Be amaze with the array of items and amount of people who shops there especially in the wee hours.


mrsc said...

Thanks for the msn add lol, those food from Imperial Treasure looks really vegetarian ._.

*runs away*

Eileen. 静 said...

vegetarian it is not!!

the noodles were all meat based! hahaha.. one is beef, and mine is lamb....