Thursday, August 23, 2007

Would you spend $3.80 to buy this Peee leee paaa laaa mag???

(click for larger image)

NO of coz I didn't buy this ...duh! It was 'dumped' into my mailbox . Yeah, kinda forgotten to 'lock' the latch of the mailbox this free copy of peeleepaalaa was found in amongst the massive amount of junk mails and flyers , oh there was also a sample packet of fabric softener

Pilipala aims to bring you local heartland stories to the masses. "voices of the people'' they say . Erm, really ah? Do we still need a mag like this when we have tons of blogs which provide similar stuff online? Ah, I don't mean to say that the mag is no good... I am sure this mag is trying to reach out to those who aren't that net savvy. I haven't really read the mag yet, just flipped thru the different stories . Well, I really dunno which category Pilipala belongs to. It's abit chapalan to be honest. Ooops! No offense to the team and editor (Bryan) at pilipala.

There's a story on a taxi driver, another about a lonely karang guni man. Oh how about learning some Japanese phrases ? So you see why I say it is kinda champo here and there. But hey, I think i am doing the mag a favor.. by giving it some it good or bad... still exposure! *giggles*

Anyways, for those who have received it in your letterbox... what is your feedback on the mag?
Would u buy it at the newstand next month? I wouldn't :P


scotty AssGeeNeT lol said...

PiLiPaLa just got his new name Peee leee paaa laaa wahahaaaa i think they are trying new ways, something like blogposts on the magz! if the magz is really interesting that produced from our local talent writer maybe we could support some! EH? eileen how much did you get paid?hehehe one angbao for me i too helped them to give my postive comment leh!

malique said...

they need to hire a better designer.

Eileen. 静 said...

Scotty--paid? hahah..since when i get paid for blogging..duh. i dun like the mag lah.. but still yah's encouraging that at this time and age , still got people wanna start new mags..and somemore this kind :P

malique--you bet! the cover layout sux :P